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Some common tools often used by an automotive locksmith

A reliable and effective automotive locksmith is perhaps one of the most prized possessions for a car owner alongside his car. A skilled locksmith can easily open almost any car key. They literally love to play with such complex mechanisms and take it as a challenge which they never fail to succeed. They use several lock pick equipments which however depend on the type of car mechanism which might vary with various models. Let’s get into a minute detail about the types of tool an automotive locksmith keeps with him.

Wedge: A wedge is either an inflatable simple pump like device or a simple solid piece of plastic which is installed and fixed into the area at the top and side of a vehicle door connecting to the main body of the vehicle.
Slim Jims: When a car is locked internally, Slim Jims are most common tool which is used by an automotive locksmith near me for entering the vehicle. This is an efficient tool to work with in case a vehicle key or a lock pick is not available. Size of a standard slim Jim is 25 inch in length and 1.25 inch in width.
Tension wrench:  There are several types of tension wrench available and come in various shapes and sizes as per requirement. They are used alongside the lock picks in order to give an extra degree of tension required during the twisting of the internal pins of the lock.